Why AddonSoftware?

AddonSoftware's Critical Strengths

Preserves your customizations - Customized solutions often restrict upgrades to newer, more modern versions. AddonSoftware preserves years of customization investment across updates or even fresh installs of the base product.

Built-in features - Includes a long list of utility features with no additional development effort and no additional third party application costs.

Continuous improvement - AddonSoftware by Barista is the result of more than 20 years of continuous improvement with expanded features, increased functionality, and updated technology.

Robust Document Output feature - Users can preview, archive, print, email, fax, or convert to PDF or ASCII text format any generated report without additional costs. Reports can also be output to Google Docs for easy access and real-time collaboration. Legacy report code is preserved in upgrade installations and output accommodates modern printers, older line printers, and third party tools such as UnForm. 

Operating System Independent - Choosing AddonSoftware does not dictate your operating system now nor does it prevent you from changing it or any part of it in the future.

Easy Customization - No one knows your business software needs better than you! Tailoring your business software to match your workflow and industry practice is critical and AddonSoftware includes a powerful and efficient customization tool at no additional cost.

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