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Membership in the AddonSoftware Partner Program embraces the concept of the open source community model by offering the partners the option to become involved in the creation and enhancement of the product. The program further extends the concept by remaining true to the principles of a commercial partnership by rewarding developers for their contributions to the AddonSoftware product. Such a rejuvenated, thoroughly modern enterprise resource planning solution requires a unique partner plan. The AddonSoftware Partner Program offers just such an exclusive and unique opportunity.

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Ready for a fresh approach to providing business solutions to your customers?

Our Unique Selling Point

  • We offer a revolutionary co-op development model that we call “commercial open source

  • We embrace the open source model because it works

  • Our unique model positions you to maximize your revenue opportunities

  • You are enabled to provide your customers with quality business solutions

  • Become a part of developing the solution while choosing your level of participation

Our Beliefs About Customized Business Solutions

  • All businesses are unique and have specific individual requirements. After all, if all business were alike they would all run the same software. Software needs to follow the paradigm of meeting business needs instead of businesses adapting to the shortcomings of their business software.

  • There are really just two types of ERP solutions:

    1. Customized solutions that meet the individual business requirements
    2. “Off the shelf” ERP solutions requiring manual excel spreadsheets and duplicate processes
  • Businesses either customize a solution to meet their needs or they settle for an “off the shelf” solution and then depend on a myriad of manual excel sheets to get the data they require - this is half a solution, square pegs trying to fill round holes

A Little More About Us

AddonSoftware®, is a software organization - big and stable enough to act as a reliable partner to thousands of companies across the United States - small and flexible enough to find customized solutions to your business needs - open enough to build up a wide network of partners for whom our products have formed the foundation for new, efficient, and timely software solutions.

  • We are your nimble partner - fast on our feet and responsive

  • We work with you with no artificial barriers

The Core Benefits We Offer Our Partners

Low risk - The AddonSoftware ERP solution is low risk with thousands of users and more than 20 years in the market.

Co-op development community - A community empowered to address user enhancement requests to the core product while rewarding the development effort with product credits. The result, happy customers and rewarded partners.
Unique ability to preserve customizations through the upgrade cycle- Your customers are no longer chained to old technology due to their customizations.

Competitive pricingOur user-based model is flexible and meets the competitive pricing requirement.

Platform independent - Run AddonSoftware under Windows, Linux, or Mac OS, or any combination thereof and on mobile terminal devices and in Web browsers. Being cross-platform opens new doors to Mac and iPad customers with improved margin opportunities unavailable with "Microsoft only" solutions.

Access to the source code - This enables you to customize the solution to meet your customer's requirements and the ability to preserve those customizations through an upgrade.

Reliable and robustMuch like the technology upon which it is built, AddonSoftware scales from one or two users all the way to hundreds of users.

Cloud services - A new, simpler way of deploying AddonSoftware to meet your customers' needs more efficiently. Cloud services provides another choice in providing the best IT strategy for your customers' business built on the global strength of Amazon's EC2 platforms.

Our Browser User Interface (BUI) - Deploy AddonSoftware and your vertical apps on the Web without having to learn new technology. Deliver your standard business applications to the Web environment without changing a single line of code and with no Java needed!

Sound Interesting?

Join the growing AddonSoftware community today to make the most of your expertise while maximizing your revenue opportunities.

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Partner Program

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